Best ammo and caliber for moose hunting in Northern Manitoba, Canada.

by David Drake
(Huntingburg, Indiana, USA)

Will a 308 be enogh gun for Moose Hunting? I think so!

Will a 308 be enogh gun for Moose Hunting? I think so!

I'm going to Northern Manitoba to go moose hunting this fall. First week of October. I have a Ruger 77 in 308. Will this gun fit the bill?

If so, what ammo should I use? The gun seems to like the federal TSX in 165 grain, but have been told 180 grain is minimum.

I've been looking at the new Hornady "hunting" ammo, with a new polymer tip. No idea how it would shoot or if it will provide correct penetration on moose.

I expect all opportunities for a shot to be less than 200 yards.

I'm not above getting a new gun for the hunt, but this might be a one-and-done thing, then have a extra gun sitting around with no use.

I can use the 308 deer hunting, and ...could use a 30-06, but a 30-06 seems overdoing it for deer here in S. Indiana.

Your thoughts? I'm also intrigued by a 45-70 for moose,...but seems to be another one-and-done gun purchase.


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The .308 Is Effective
by: Anonymous

The .308 with 180 grain Winchester Ballistic Silvertip ammunition is very effective for humanely harvesting big game. I lived in Newfoundland, Canada for many years and harvested several big Moose and Caribou out to 300M with one shot. Proper shot placement is important although you can depend on the .308 to do an excellent job if you have the rifle set up properly.

308 180 grain Winchester Silver Tip
by: Bill C

I have Sako 308 Forrester Carbine from the 1970's and use Winchester 180 grain Silver Tips. I have shot adult moose at 300 yards with one shot. Most of the time 100-150 yards. All it takes is one shot in the boiler plant ( lungs and heart area )and the job is done.
I shoot with confidence and success. Best of luck.

.308 - 165 grain ammo
by: Anonymous

I couldn't agree with Mark more!

"Dave, no need to go buy a new rifle or switch ammunition for one hunt. Indeed, if your rifle likes the TSX bullets in 165 grain then use them"

I have two Savage 99C's (removable 4 round magazine) in .308 and also a Remington 700 in .308 and I shoot Federal Fusion 165 grain shells in all 3 of my rifles. They perform beautifully both for accuracy and expansion after a hit.

I was surprised when I bought the 700 that it also liked the same ammo and performed just as well. I was quite pleased to as I've stocked up on quite a bit of those shells to.

I've harvested moose, elk and numerous deer with all 3 rifles using that ammo and been quite pleased.

I don't know about the 45-70
by: Charlie Smith

I had one, shot a bit with it, and I had a 444 Marlin, shot lots with it.
As far as I am concerned they are not, either one of them good killers, I prefer at 30-06 or even a .308, kills just as fast and a hell of a lot farther.

Plenty of gun
by: NHL northern Ontario

I have shot 15 moose using a 30-30, 308 and 270. My preference is my 270 using Nosler 150gr. then never went more than 10 feet, the 308 dropped the same. I went with the 270 because I use it for deer at long range also. so your 308 with a good bullet no issue there.

It's All About Where You Hit It
by: Anonymous

Got my first moose last fall. A three or four year old cow, about 1000 pounds on the hoof. One shot at about 100 yards with my 270 Win/Hornady Superformance SST 140 grain. She took half a step and fell over.

She was facing me and I put the shot into her heart through the brisket with little to no damage except the heart.

Here in Alberta conservation officers do a great job with their survey stats . . . most big game taken here, shots average 87 yards.

Personally I'd take that same shot at 300 yards with full confidence with the same gun and ammo (from a good rest that is).

Why do I shoot 270 Win? Very fast and very flat. Good luck on your hunt!

Thanks Mark
by: Dave

I appreciate the reinforcement. And agree on the dust collectors....I already have several, and would rather not add any more to the family! But I've just been drawn to a 45-70 lever, partly from all the Alaska reality shows on tv, and having been to Alaska and the Yukon, I can understand why that would be a good gun to have. But down here, just not much utility.

I have been reading about the new Hornady 178 grain "hunting" ammo. That size is the only one they are manufacturing at present, and its hard to find too. I may buy a box just to see how they shoot. However, it seems to be just an interlock bullet with a new tip design. The last thing I want to do is have the bullet break up before deep penetration. I'll have to do some more reading up on them, but expect I'll use the Barnes/Federal factory ammo.

Thanks, again,

by: kapow

Yup, all them gun's are good, but at what range?

I like to be able to kill some thing at 600 yards with no doubt in my mind that i can hit it and kill it with one shot.

Hand's down now your going to northern Manitoba that's a good spot to find a grizzly with any luck you will not see one.

It's the one's you do not see in time are the ones to listen for. I know all to well about grizzly!

I've never had to much of a problem but I should have had if you have ever had four grizzly at 40 yards or less one mom and four 2 year old's that were walking towards ya'all, holey moley the smell in your pants is not nice at all.

So for my safety I bought a Remington in 338 cal and it's an all around one cal for every thing you shoot.

A 225 grain pointed soft point in Speer. I hunt by myself so it's safety first for me.

308 will take down moose
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Dave, no need to go buy a new rifle or switch ammunition for one hunt. Indeed, if your rifle likes the TSX bullets in 165 grain then use them.

We've taken many moose with the 308 and we usually load ours with 150 grain bullets.

As a matter of fact I have a Savage Model 99 in 308 that I am planning to take on a moose hunt. I haven't fired it yet, but I will only test 150 grain to 168 grain bullets in it. I know they will do the job.

There are many proponents of big bullets and large or magnum calibers for hunting moose, but for the most part totally unnecessary. A well placed shot even from a 30-30 will take down a moose. If you practice and are proficient with your 308 then use it.

A few years back my son shot a moose with a borrowed 308 with 150 grain Remington Cor-Lokt (pictured) from 200 yards. One shot, dropped him on the spot.

I'm with you on the 45-70. I like the look and the power they have, but I don't think if I owned one it would ever see the light of day. And I already own enough dust collectors.

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