Best Archery Hunting for Cow Moose Tips.

by Laurie
(Timmins, Ontario Canada)

Feather Fletching

Feather Fletching

I am a woman hunter and I love moose hunting. I am in my second year of archery hunting using a crossbow, and this year I got a Cow Moose Tag.

I live in Timmins, which is in Northern Ontario Canada. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on to increase my chances for success, and have come heartbreakingly close to getting my cow, but she slipped away.

I am looking for tips on hunting for cow moose, and certainly from an archery standpoint because you have to get so much closer. What call would you use to call in a cow and other tips would be very helpful.

I also have wolves constantly trailing the moose in this area. Does that make any difference in the moose behaviour? Does it make them more skittish and spooky? Does it change their movement patterns?

I am hunting an older logging cut with loads of fresh moose sign daily, I have seen many bulls in this cut, with the cow tracks always minutes ahead of me or minutes behind me.

I really appreciate any help I can get. This is my first adult moose tag in 13 years, so I want so badly to fill it. Thanks again!!

I hope my response is not too late Laurie, as I only returned from my hunt last night.

I wish you great success in your quest to harvest a cow moose using archery equipment.

I don't have a lot of cow moose hunting experience but I'll share with you what I can. If you go to the website for Western Rivers, Dave Keslo has many moose call sounds posted there.

Possibly a calf moose in distress sound will bring the cows close to you. I seem to recall that cows will respond to calves in distress, even if not their own.

However... I must caution you on the use of any animal in distress call. Predators will also respond. You must keep your wits about you.

Wolves will make your moose hunting more difficult for sure. Moose will not be vocal if there are wolves in the area, or the will move to areas where they can avoid them. Cows and calf moose always stay nears water, and for very good reason. They use water: ponds, lakes and rivers to escape predators.

I once witnessed a cow and calf come crashing out of the forest on the far side of a small lake; they then swam the lake to my side. Once on my side of the lake, the cow turned to look back across the lake as though she were waiting for another moose or something.

I couldn't figure this out at first, then I heard the wolves howling over where they had just come from. Then of course it made total sense. The cow moose had used the lake to escape the wolves.

You may also want to try setting up a tree stand in areas where you know the cow moose frequent.

Archery hunting for cow moose will present it's challenges. I hope some others can share their experiences too.

Good luck! Let us know how you do!


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by: Anonymous

So funny, I am sitting at supper table this minute, May, 23rd. And eating a cow moose burger.
The arrow was a double lung. Hearing wolves calling, seeing wolves, they were chasing this cow right past me. She was heading for the lake, 50 yards away.
Take it from there, hear wolf during the day, set up on lake shore on the game trail and have wolves drive her to you.

by: Mark

Way to go Carl. Nice to see some arrows making it happen this season! :-)

female moose in freezer
by: carl kozak

Mark: We put a beautiful five year old cow in the freezer from our Ontario hunt. It came in with two bulls, first bull was a miss with two arrows and with only one arrow left the cow got dusted. The second bull got a stick thrown at it.
This is the readers digest version of our hunt. Carl

Don't forget the contest
by: Mark - The Mooseman

My season season also ended without a harvest. The weather was too warm and the bulls were extremely cautious. I did get some great video out some moose, and was able to help some new friends get their 51 inch bull out of the bush. That will be an awesome story to read. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed so you don't miss out on all the new info and stories!

Hopefully you got some pictures of some of the game you saw this season. Don't forget to enter into the current contest. Thanks for being apart of the AAM community!

by: Laurie

I reaaly appreciate your help Mark. My season is done for this year, and although I came close, I didn't get my cow. My boyfriend and I did however see 4 beautiful, huge cows, the day after archery ended and rifle season opened. It was a little frustrating, but I do know that I have a great spot for next year. I actually smiled quite a bit when I read your caution on using the calf in distress call. I was actually sitting in my spot, out of site doing a calf in distress call and the wolves came right in behind me! They have been very bold, and actually followed our truck right back to our camper the last night of the hunt, and left a little "calling card" in the middle of the road. I am really hoping for a bull tag next year, but if I am lucky enough to get a cow tag next year, I will be printing and putting in to practice all the tips anyone is kind enough to give me. I love hunting so much, and I am already counting down the calendar till next September!! Again thank you, for your advice, I appreciate it very much. This is my favourite moose site and I am glad to be apart of it and all the knowledge that other hunters bring to it!

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