Best Part of Moose for Stew Meat

by Irene

Moose Round Steak - Perfect for Stew!

Moose Round Steak - Perfect for Stew!

What is the best part of the moose to use for stew meat? I have five roasts and four different types of steak, what would be best to use for stew?


We always use round steaks or round roast for stew. It's an excellent cut, lots of meat and not too much gristle, if any at all really.

If cutting a round steak, unless it's been deboned, I usually add the bone to the stew as well. The bone and marrow will add some extra flavor to your stew.

We will cut out any gristle and trim fat then cut the meat into one inch cubes. Excellent!

There are others that you could use too: Chuck (you might want to use a pressure cooker), Shoulder Roast (Slow Cooker), just about any will do.

Not, New York strip or tenderloin, that would be a waste.

Oh, and I always recommend removing the silver skin.

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Nov 25, 2017
Use a Pressure Cooker
by: Mark ~ The Mooseman

Although not many people seem to use a pressure cooker anymore, they make short work of tough meat, turning it into very tender chews! Great for stew meat!

Nov 21, 2017
Yes - round steak
by: Yukon Moose Hunter

You don't want a tough cut for moose stew. I made the mistake of using tougher cuts of meat, rather than grinding it into burger, and the stew was not pleasure to chew through. If one tries to 'tenderize' such meat by long hours of cooking, the remainder of the stew would likely by way over-cooked. Also, when piecing out the meat for the pot, it's this time when I do a super detailed trimming of silver skin and grissle to avoid long minutes of chewing.

Oct 30, 2015
by: Carl

None should go in stew, it should all be labeled and eaten as steak, it is soooo good

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