Best Rope on the Market!

by Neal Newsome
(Watkinsville, GA)

A few months back I actually won some Runlock rope in a drawing. When I opened the package I knew I had gotten something that I would get a ton of usage from. I had no idea!

I've used it all throughout the hunting season here in Georgia and in my opinion (I'm no expert but just a normal consumer) this is the BEST rope on the market for outdoorsmen and I've even found many other uses for it around the house and in day to day uses where rope was called for!

Rest assured I will be ordering more of this for myself in the future as well as to give as gifts to others!
Thanks for sending it!

Neal, you are welcome and thanks for your comments!
I am happy to hear that you have been able to use the Runlock rope during your hunting season in Georgia.

I agree the Runlock Rope IS the best rope on the market. As you have stated, the rope has many uses and this means we are not just limited to hunting situations.

Please feel free to come back and tell about all the uses you have found for this amazing rope. A friend of my just emailed me this morning (his Runlock rope is on the way to him) and told me he is very much looking forward to using it for moose hunting.

He said: "I imagine my best use of the rope will be to tie a moose's leg to a nearby tree for spreading it apart...I've had to sacrifice a couple of ropes (bad knots) but I see with the Runlock I won't have to!"

He is right about that. No more jamming of knots, and no more cutting the rope. Get some of this rope and you will see.

Of course a hunter is not limited to using the rope for moose hunting alone. Any big game hunter will get a lot of use from this rope, not just North American Game either. Take Runlock with you anywhere you travel, you will be happy you did.

This is the best rope for use by outdoorsman, I cannot imagine going into the field again without Runlock in my backpack.

All I can say is... You don't want to miss out on having some of the best rope available... NO WAY!

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