Best Times to Call Moose

by Jim C

Ken Caplin Moose Call

Ken Caplin Moose Call

I am frequent writer on this site, and I am looking for the opinions of fellow northern Ontario moose hunters.

I hunt the area around WMU 18a, 18b, 15b and 19. It seems like every year we get unseasonal weather (we arrive in the first week of October) and for the last 2 years, the locals and the bow hunters tell us that the call has not begun yet.

What I am asking is whether people on here have had luck getting Bulls while calling in that Area, and during which time period has it been effective (late September, early October or mid October) and what kind of weather (when warm, cold, or what).

We have gotten 5 moose in our area the last 3 years, but only 1 large bull, so I'm looking for any advantage I can get to bag another in 2014.

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A bulls preference
by: Adventures of Louis and Jared

I'm not from Northern Ontario, I'm from central Alaska but I think the moose behavior is similar across the board. I hunt in mid September and have noticed that while one bull will be very responsive to grunts and horn racking another one will care less and won't even respond to cow calls. Though they are all moose, they are individuals.
I've had the best response to calling in the very early morning and just slightly less just before dark, this is especially true during hot days. Good luck over there and I hope this was helpful.

by: Nakina North Outfitters

I have a couple fly in camps and find mid Sept. to be the best time for the big guys. The closer you get to Oct. the dominant bulls are more likely with a cow and are harder to pull away. At that point and time you have to go in after them with aggressive tactics.

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