Body Odor and Hunting

by Carl
(Hayward WI USA)

Will smoke will add to your odor? Or mask it?

Will smoke will add to your odor? Or mask it?

I have been watching many outdoor hunting shows on TV. Many times the hunter is all set to shoot when "Poof" the moose takes an about face and is gone before a shot is placed.

Just look at the size of a moose nose I suspect that is the reason the hunter never had a chance.

So when preparing to hunt these giants spend a lot of time preparing your clothing to be scent free. During the hunt have a plan to deal with all contaminated clothing and Body Odor.

Simply put the way to a trophy bull is through his nose if you want the sweet smell of victory.

Carl, you hit it on the nose! Please pardon the pun! :-)

A moose nose contains millions of receptor cells that can detect a molecule of odor. If you smell like a human, and the moose gets a whiff? Well, you know the rest of the story already!


"The Moose Man"

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