Bottling Moose Meat Question

I have never bottled moose meat or any other meat for that matter but I am going to try it.

I have checked your web site and a few others about the process and I can't seem to find how tight the lids and seals should be during the cooking time.

Should they be tight, snug or left a bit loose until cooking is done?

Excellent question.

When we are pressure canning any food: moose, deer, elk, fish etc., we fill the jars about 3/4 to 7/8 full and compress the contents by hand.

Never fill the canning jar above the lower edge of the bottle neck... to allow for expansion.

The rims of the jars are then wiped clean with a clean cloth, the sealer lids (which we boil) are placed on the jars, once that is done we screw the rings down hand tight, snug.

After that we place the jars in the pressure canner/cooker and start the process.

Now... just how tight is snug? That is a matter of perspective I guess.

We don't use anything more than hand force. My mom who is 86 years this year still does lots of canning and she is not a physically strong person... I would say that 99.99% of her jars seal correctly.

I wouldn't think that the lack of tension would be the cause of jars that do not seal.

Let us know how your bottling moose meat goes. If you try any recipe variations I would love to read and try them too.

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Jun 27, 2012
Canning Tip
by: dan buss

Hello Dan Click here.
I would say not tight at all, you need to let some air out of the jar as it is cooking.

When it's cooked and is cooling down it will seal and create a vacuum in the jar to keep things safe.

After their cold check the lids for a seal.

It's like being in space there's no air!

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