Bottling or canning frozen moose meat

by Frank

Some frozen moose meat that can be canned.

Some frozen moose meat that can be canned.

If you have frozen moose meat is it ok to thaw it then bottle or can it?

What can you do with all that leftover moose meat in your freezer?

Yes Frank, you most certainly may thaw your older or leftover moose meat and can it.

Most people will have quite a bit of meat left over at the end of a year (IE: just before a new hunting season) unless they have a large or extended family and are able to consume all of it.

Or, maybe you just like canned moose meat and want to can more after you've run out.

Just be sure to follow food safe rules and thaw your moose meat in the refrigerator and can the meat using a pressure cooker not just by boiling the jars in water.

Thanks for your question!

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Aug 20, 2022
Canning Moosemeat Info
by: Frozen!

Can you cut frozen moose cube (not fully thawed) to can?
Hey Frozen! If you are able to cut your moose meat into cubes then go for it! The pressure cooker will take care of the balance of the thawing process for you.

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