Browning 308 BLR Moose Hunting Rifle

by Dan

The Browning BLR SS

The Browning BLR SS

I use a Browning 308 BLR with a 2 to 7 Leupold Scope.

Dan, Thanks for your input. Here's a little information about the Browning BLR Lever Action Rifle.

The Browning BLR was originally made in Belgium back in 1971 and only available in two calibers: the .308 and the .243

Now manufactured in Japan they are still a sharp looking rifle and in the .308 caliber will make a fine moose hunting rifle.

Since it's initial offering has been offered in many other calibers and configurations.

This rifle is also a favorite of law enforcement who travel the backcountry where high capacity is not a requirement and portability is.

The Browning BLR has a box magazine and therefore does not require the flat nose ammunition of the tubular type lever action rifles.

Currently being offered in Short Action, WSM, Long Action and Magnum calibers.

Mark - The Mooseman

Comments for Browning 308 BLR Moose Hunting Rifle

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.308 BLR is perfect!
by: Charlie

I worked in a gun shop, and a guy I knew was a walker came in looking for a new moose rifle.
I handed him a .308 BLR, "Wow!" he said, "It is as light as a 30-30! Does it come in bigger calibres?"
I told him it did, but then it got longer with a longer lever stroke.
"Have you ever shot a moose with yours?" He asked, and when I said I had shot lots he said, "What happens when you shoot a moose with the .308?"
I fell right down to the floor.
He and the boss laughed, "I am serious!" he said.
"So am I!" I said, "How dead do you want to kill them, every moose I ever shot with my .308 "Staghammer: went down right in his tracks! I break their necks.

Yeah, but what about the BLR???
by: Anonymous

I mistakenly read this thinking it was a discussion on the BLR in .308. Instead, it gets into another debate of mines bigger, yours is too small, it’s all shot placement, etc...

I’m looking at purchasing a BLR in .308 and was hoping someone could share their first hand knowledge of this beautiful firearm. Anybody???

308 is enough
by: Anonymous

Dan click makes some good points, but more animals die and not recovered because of shot placement. Our hunting party uses everything from 243 win, 308 win, 270 win, 7x57, 7mm rem mag, and 45-70. Also use 300 gr sst with 100 gr powder muzzleloader. Have not recovered 4 deer in about 100 deer, those being shot with a 308 win, a 270 win, and 2 with muzzleloaders. In all cases deer were shot in the chest cavity, but likely a bit high. Also recovered some bullets from deer shot broadside at 100 - 150 yards, with the 300 gr sst, 270 win, and the 45-70. The 243win has never disappointed, but that does not make it the best rifle. Other things to consider are bullet construction, penetration, and expansion. The 308 win will be fine, just match it with excellent bullets, know your ranges, and limits, and do your job well, and have fun doing it. Good luck,

308 is enough gun for sure
by: Anonymous

Well if the Moose was thought to have been at 100 and actually 200 your talking 11/2" difference maybe so it should still be a kill shot. Some people just cant shoot and that is the problem, The 308 is not a 600 yd hunting rifle but out to 300 or 350 it will work, But closer is better get close enough that you are confident in your shot for some that's about 50yds for others it may well be longer, But anything that is with in reason the 308 will get the job done.

308's fine for Moose.
by: Anonymous

I have confidence in the .308 as well. It's humorous that many people consider a 30-06 as the ideal rifle for Elk, Moose, Bear and other larger bodied animals, yet consider a .308 too small. In fact, a .308 is only about 100 feet per second slower than a 30-06 at the muzzle, so if a 30-06 is big enough, a .308 is too.

.308 175 grain = 2650fps
30-06 175 grain = 2740fps

As ALWAYS, shot placement is always key, and a properly shot animal will drop just fine with a .308 not to worry. :)

338 win mag
by: Anonymous

you should in your infinite wisdom go tell the thousands of moose that have been dropped on the spot with 303 British or 308........ Or even 243 Winchester what they should have been hit with

by: dan click the moose hunter

Well a 308 is known to be a good shooting gun, but I've heard so many story's of guy's losing there moose or had to track it for miles, 90% of them never find them.
That just makes me sick to hear that because they turn around and go shoot another moose and more than likely will loose that one also. I'm just firm in my thoughts about the size of caliber to use on moose I know for a fact that no moose walks away from a 338 Winchester mag 225 grain soft point they drop on the spot and there's no meat damage. moose are so large that they look closer than you think they are so people shot thinking there only a 100 yards when in fact there at 200 plus yards so here comes the small caliber syndrome. Man I'm sure he was standing here no he's was further away so that's how moose go off and die in the bush and never be seen again. that's just what I've seen in the past. dan click

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