Bull Moose With White Velvet

by Mark Bulley

Bull Moose with White Velvet

Bull Moose with White Velvet

This was taken a few days ago, near Abol Bridge, here in Northern Maine. I've asked around, but am stumped about why this moose has almost white antlers, even in velvet! I'm PRETTY sure I've seen this exact moose several weeks ago, and he did not have the same coloring, but more normal chocolate coloring in his antlers.

Thank for sharing this wonderful photo Mark. I think the pink is seen because of the blood flow under the velvet. When the velvet is light color like it is, the blood flow (which is necessary for antler growth) can be more easily seen and gives it the pink coloration.
It could also be a form of albinism.
I would bet the other moose you saw was a different one.

You're right... comparing past pictures, different moose. I can tell not only from the antlers, but the dewlap. I'm still dying to know what is up with the antlers though... Seems more whiter than just marbling?

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