Caliber and Weight Bullet Combination

by Danny

7 mm Remington Magnum

7 mm Remington Magnum

Is 140 grain Accubond Bullet out of Remington 7mm at 3200 fps enough for a clean kill on moose?


I would think that a 140 grain Accubond traveling at 3200 FPS will retain enough energy to take down moose sized game with no problem at all.

The thing to remember, when you start using small diameter and lighter weight bullets, it becomes all the more important that your shot placement is correct.

I always recommend vital shot placement with such combinations. Yes, I know that vital kill zones are not always going to be presented, but you should wait for them. Or, wait for another moose.

~ Mark

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by: Cal

I think that you're load will work just fine for moose. One consideration, for me, is the distance you will be shooting. Over the years I've killed far more moose at under 50 yards than I have at over 200. IMO a close range shot is what really tests a bullet because the impact speed is so high, the faster you push the bullet the more likelihood of erratic bullet performance. Therefore I like to go up in bullet weight, as much to slow the bullet down a bit for close range shots as to increase penetration. Both the lower velocity and the higher sectional density are helpful if you connect with heavy bone at close range. If I have to make a 300 yard shot I can still do it with the heavy bullet.

don't panic
by: 007

Moose are great animals and are awesome to harvest and provide food for the family.
They are not however as big as most people think they are so don't go overboard or loose any sleep on the gun, bow or arrow of your choice.

Just don't shoot them in a non vital target area!

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