Calling Moose for Archery

by Andy

Moose caught on trail camera

Moose caught on trail camera

I was drawn for my home area for moose, and I know where there are a few.

After three evenings at the same location calling, about an hour into the third sit, I heard a moose size crack in the bush.

Then 15 minutes later, two grunts. So I raked the brush nearby and grunted a couple times, and he really got worked up. Started walking or trotting towards me (I could hear in the water, but couldn't see.) Then he raked the heck out of some brush.

I could hear the hollow sound of his antlers on the brush.

Then a couple grunts later, I could see his antlers slowly rocking through some willows about 100 yards from me.

Then after some time, I grunted a couple times to try get him closer as it was getting dark.

Then I heard what was almost like a loud burp, not the rrruup rrrup of a grunt, but a throaty burp.

Then some more noise, but I couldn't tell if he just turned around or what, but couldn't see him anymore. I started walking toward him, but gave up when I didn't see him.

Wind was basically dead calm, or so I thought.

Did he wind me? Pretty nice bull.

I have called them before, but never for archery. This is a different story all together.

Any thoughts? Is that loud burp like a whitetail snorting? Danger? I cow called twice and walked out silently. I could stil hear him raking a tree after I cow called, but sounded further away.

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by: Andy

Thanks Mark

Congratulations on the bull!! That's awesome!
I have never got one with my bow yet, and I sure want to.

I kinda figured that big bull busted me. It was fun either way. I might be able to call him in again from a different location.

Well, this morning we have a moose on our own land. Kids saw him/or her when the school bus picked them up this morning. I will be checking that one this afternoon. TO be completely honest, I didn't plan for any time off for hunting, so I should likely shoot the first moose that is in range regardless of size. :) But its sure nice to dream about the big bull that got away.
Have a great day

Warning Grunt
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Hi Andy,

Thanks for contacting me. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner as I was away on my moose hunt. I got a nice 3X3 meat bull with my bow.

Sounds like you had an exciting hunt. From what you describe you were definitely busted. I don't know if he winded you, detected un-natural noise, movement or just became suspicious. For sure though the gig was up. Moose are not as dumb as some people think.

I've had the very same happen to me, the sound that you likely heard is a warning bark or grunt (just like the white tail snort). Bull moose will do that when they know something is wrong. They will sometimes turn and run, or simply walk away grunting as they retreat.

Isn't it great fun when you can hear them coming and thrashing every bush along the way?

My advice is to use one of those wind detection powders, you may think the wind is dead calm but any imperceptible breeze will work against you. Getting the bulls in for a clean archery shot is not always easy (you already know that) and certainly not always successful, but your turn will come.

It's heartbreaking when you know you are so close and then get busted. In the end though, it's great fun and very exciting!

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