Calm Moose

by Aline Savoie

Calm Bull Moose

Calm Bull Moose

Me and my husband were looking for moose that day and arrive on two, the calm bull moose and a calm cow moose together. They pretend that we were not there so I grab my camera and got out of the car and start taking pictures of the bull first and of the cow, I got really close to them then the bull got out of the ditch slowly and stop in front of me and start to stare at me.

I realized that I was in his territory, moose can be very dangerous! I know someone that approached a moose just to be close to him or to imitate another bull and got charged by the bull moose. Good thing that he was with a friend that day his friend save him from that fight!

This guy land up in the hospital for a couple weeks with broken ribs etc...

I seen a cow moose in winter she was in a road with her less than a year old calf, they couldn't get in the woods because snow bank were too high for the calf to follow her and cars wanted to go by them and the cow was charging the cars so nobody could go by, kept a lineup of cars for hours ...

Just to let you know moose are very defensive and of course they're wild animals, the woods is their home so be very careful when you see a calm moose that we think is, he could be very dangerous...


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Very nice moose !!
by: Anonymous

This is a very nice shot of the moose! Hope you win this one.

Beautiful Calm Moose
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Aline, thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us, they are beautiful. You take wonderful photographs of moose!

I also want to thank you for your warning about approaching moose. You are very correct to say that moose, like any wild animal can be unpredictable.

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