Can moose meat be refrozen after being thawed?

by Fanie
(montreal, canada)

Frozen and Wrapped Moosemeat

Frozen and Wrapped Moosemeat

We got an oupsie with our freezer and all the meat thawed, can it be refrozen as is or we need to marinate it first or cook it?


Hi Fanie,

Moosemeat can be treated just like beef and most red meats. That goes for cooking, thawing and refreezing. No need to precook or marinate it!

You need to follow a few safety measures but as long as your meat never reached room temperature you should be fine to refreeze the moose meat.

According to USDA meat can be refrozen if it were thawed in a refrigerator or in your case the freezer. So in that case it should be fine... as long as it didn't get too warm.

USDA Guidelines: Is it safe to refreeze meat?

I guess the question you need to ask yourself is; how warm did your thawed meat get?

How long was your freezer without power?

If you feel that the moosemeat remained cool, you should be safe enough to refreeze it.

~ Mark

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Apr 24, 2014
refreezing moosemeat
by: Allan

Hi all you moose hunters.

Reading the good advice re meat frozen a second time.
Yes, as long as it has not thawed out completely in effect getting warm it should be OK.
However test have been made in Swedish laboratories the do moose studies pointing out that the meat will be a lot drier since it might loose some juice.
I was born in Sweden and have hunted moose there as a guest, hunting there is different, more like a military operation and very controlled and effective.
But after hunting moose in Canada since 1974 successfully most of the time.I prefer hunting here in BC.Now a retired butcher after 50 years in the trade.One tip I can offer, given me by my Swedish friends is the "Formula of 40".
It has to do with hanging your moose in the bush or cooler.
Hang for 8 days if the average temperature is 5 degree Celsius, believe me it works.
Whatever the temperature the end number should be
40, hope I explained this right.
Shoot straight.
Allan in North Vancouver BC.

Apr 13, 2014
Re Freeze Moose Meat
by: Anonymous

I have afriend who told me he has re frozen moose meat up to five times.

I have never done that but many times I have
refrozen a piece.

I have never had as problem. But yes do follow food safety guidelines..


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