Captain Morgans Apple/apricot Moose

by Everett Cupino
(Bethel, Alaska)

Two pounds of moose rib
3-5 cloves of fresh garlic
1/4 medium sweet onions
1,1/2 fresh lime juice
2 medium apples 1" cubes
about six slices of dried apricot
2/3 cup soy sauce
1 star anise .
1/2 cup Captain Morgans Spiced Rum

Sautee the garlic till golden brown. Add moose ribs and onions and braise the moose till dark brown but not burnt.

Transfer the meat to a slow cooking pot and combine with the rest of the ingredients but without the rum.

Add enough water to just submerge the meat.

Cook till tender for 6-8 hour. Return to regular pot for high heat to reduce the stock.

When broth is reduced halfway, add 1/2 cup of Captain Morgan's spiced rum and reduce it to almost the consistency of sweet and sour dishes.

Eat with steamed rice and enjoy.

Note: Do not pour too much rum in your mouth. You might burn the moose.

Thanks for sharing the recipe Everett! It certainly looks appetizing. I'm not so sure about the "not pouring too much rum in your mouth part", I would find that hard to refrain! Hahaha!

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