Caribou Moose Hunting Tips

by Larry

Bull Moose Spypoint Trail Camera

Bull Moose Spypoint Trail Camera

I think I lucked out by getting a bull moose LEH in M.U. 5 - 02A for the last 2 weeks in Sept..

Only problem is, I've never hunted there before!

The area stretches from almost 70 mile house to Williams lake on the west side of the highway. I would appreciate if you or your readers could give me any info on this area.


Hey Larry, thanks for your question. I personally haven't hunted that portion of the Caribou area but have a couple of friends that have. I'll see if they'll share some info for ya.
Of course other site visitors are encouraged to share too.

You are going moose hunting in the Caribou just before the main rut begins... but the cow moose will be coming into heat and will be starting to call and some bulls will respond. You need to be calling too!

Get your calling voice tuned up and be patient, a bull will show up eventually.

I've found that frequenting the same spot time after time is the best way to call in bull moose.

~ Mark

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Good Tips
by: Larry

The info from Sean is somewhat encouraging. From my Backroads Mapbook, I see there are 2 such powerlines. One is fairly close to 100 Mile and the other is inland further. I also see a ton of lakes in the area, with fairly good access to them. Therefore between the inland powerline and the lakes around that area, I should be able to spot something.

Thanks Mark, for the site and Sean for the info.

Caribou Moose Hunting Tips
by: Sean

Hi Larry,
I got a LEH draw for moose in that area a couple of years ago, the powerline is always a good start,but there is a ton of good country, we ended up taking our animal just off the power line on one of the many trails, nice area to hunt, lots of amenities close by, we did not see a lot of moose at that time of year, but they are there, probably the deeper off the beaten path you go the better.

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