Cochrane Ontario Moose Hunt

by Mark
(Ontario, Canada)

Two Moose in Meadow

Two Moose in Meadow

We are planning a hunt just north of Cochrane Ontario this year. We have a Bull and Cow tag along with a couple calf tags as well. We are either looking at the first week of the rifle season which starts Sept 15th or the week starting October 5th. Given the mix of tags which week would you recommend, everything else being equal?

Thanks Mark

Hi Mark, thanks for your question.

I'm a great believer in hunting the rut period. I believe the rut timing in the Cochrane Ontario area is the same as it is out west, which puts the peak period for about the first two weeks of October*.

The Taiga cow moose set up breeding areas, that is they kind of hang out in the same area and entice the bulls to come in to breed them.

If the area you hunt has good populations of moose, you'll find the cows and calves near water and during the rut the bulls go traveling to seek out the cows.

What does this mean to you? You should be able to find all three Bulls, Cows and Calf moose in the same general areas.

*There have only been a few studies on the exact date of breeding because of natural circumstances. Several well known biologists have compiled information about breeding dates across Canada.
The average dates for moose breeding in British Columbia was October 5-10 with a plus minus 5 day allowance. Thompson(1991)
In Manitoba, the average day was Sept. 29 with 93 percent of cow moose being bred by October 12. Crichton (1992)
Up in Alaska the average breeding date was October 5th with a range from September 28 till October 12.

You can see that in the far reaching areas that moose inhabit the weather is unlikely to be an influence on the rut timing, suggesting the amount of daylight is the trigger.

"The Moose Man"

PS: Good Hunting!

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by: jimmy

hi Mark

if I was lucky to get a tag this year in the WMU of 26
where would i find lodging for the area?


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