Cow Moose Hunting

by Sarah
(Fort St. John )

Cow Moose during the Cold Winter

Cow Moose during the Cold Winter

Hunting Genders, Can you hunt cow moose in BC?

Hunting of cow moose in BC is quite legal during a prescribed cow moose season.

However; Cow moose hunting in BC is only available through the Limited Entry Draw system.

To enter the Limited Entry Draw a hunter must first have a BC Hunter Number, she gets that by successfully completing the CORE program. The CORE is the Conservation Education Recreation Education program in BC.

The limited entry draw is held every spring/summer in BC. A hunter applies for a draw (basically a lottery system) in the area she desires to hunt, in this case cow moose. The successful applicants are notified by mail but hunters with a BC Hunter Number can also check the status of the draw on-line.

Limited Entry Hunty Link

BC Hunting Regulations Link

BC Hunter Number Link

In 2013, cow calf draws were only permitted in the following MU's: 4, 5, 7 & 8

I believe that all cow moose hunts that are available are combined cow or calf moose tags. A hunter may harvest one moose.

The dates for cow moose hunting seasons in BC vary some. They can start as early as October 1 and can go as late as November 30th.

It is preferred that hunters take the calf rather than the cow moose when observed in pairs. The reason for this is to preserve the breeding stock as well as the survivability of cow moose during the hunting season and following winter is much higher.

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