Dehydrated Food for a Canoe Hunting Trip

by Keri R

Moose meat ready to cut and wrap.

Moose meat ready to cut and wrap.

I am heading out on a 16 day canoe trip and would like to bring meals that contain minced moose meat such as Chilli, Shepard's pie etc. I was wondering if dehydrating moose meat is an easy thing to do. I know that it is leaner than beef so is there anything that I need to add? Dehydrating time? I have read that people add bread crumbs to help with the re-hydrating of other meats. Any information would be much appreciated on dehydrating minced moose meat. Thanks so much and have a great day!

Great question Keri!
Personally I haven't any experience with what you are asking. Hopefully some of our website visitors can chime in with some tips for you.


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Thanks for all the input!
by: ~ Mark - The Mooseman

Thank you everyone for your contributions!

Meat on hunt.
by: Cal

We take moose meat on canoe hunts quite regularly. Usually we bring some chili, steaks, and sausage frozen in vacuum packed bags. Even when the daytime temps are high it is usually getting down close to freezing at night and frozen meats will be okay for 4-5 days.

Beyond that I make a bunch of bunch of burger jerky (cant bear to sacrifice steaks to make jerky), both smoked and dehydrated. The smoked stuff is not completely dried but Ive never had it go bad, the dehydrated stuff is pretty dry and is probably more thoroughly cured, but it reminds me of Big Chief gas station jerky.

I find that with moose jerky its best to stick with basic flavors, peppered or hickory flavor usually turns out far better than something like honey garlic etc.

IIRC I usually smoke it for 2-4 hours at a temperature of about 180. I think dehydrating is about the same time but its been awhile since I used the dehydrator. Like I said, the smoked stuff is far better and it will keep for the duration of a hunt.

dehydrating moos
by: Anonymous

I have not dehydrated moose, but suggest you look up University of Alaska, Fairbanks and have a look.
I will do some looking too. interesting..
Watson Lake

moose dehydrated
by: Anonymous

Well it's like any other meat that you want to dehydrate, put it in a dehydrator and cure it and you'll be good to go. If you want to reconstitute it boil in some water, that's it.

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