Do Moose Hang Out With Cattle

by Gregg

Do you find moose in the same place as free range cattle?

Thanks for the question Gregg.

Yes, you can find cattle habituating the same areas as moose.

The moose were there first, so the cattle have moved into the moose habitat. Although free range cattle will probably not habituate the swaps as moose do.

It will depend on where you are referring to; the mountains or the plains. Northern hemisphere or southern may make a difference as well.

If you are referring to central British Columbia, then during the early parts of the moose season you will find moose and free range cattle co-habituating. By early to mid October most ranchers are actively herding the cattle and bringing them in from the mountains. Once the ranchers bring the cattle down to the winter ranges you can still find some moose near the cattle. These will be the ones that live in or near the winter ranges.

However, if you are wondering if moose are following the cattle; then no. I would not suggest you follow cattle about to find moose.


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