Do moose walk on ice?

by Vicky

Cow and Calf Moose Crossing a Frozen Lake

Cow and Calf Moose Crossing a Frozen Lake

Hi, do moose ever step on frozen ponds/lakes? Do they walk on them? Do they ever run on them? Do you know of any other animals that walk or run on ice?

I have another question--I know moose can run up to 35mph, but do they do this often, or only if they have to? Do they prefer to move slowly? Whenever I've seen them they seem languid, either standing still or walking slowly, not look like they want to move fast.


Thanks for your questions Vickie.

Do moose ever walk on frozen ponds or lakes? You bet they do, and sometime they get out on thin ice and break through. If they are not close to shore, unfortunately they may drown. There are many cases every winter where humans find moose broken through the ice and occasionally they are successful in rescuing them.
To be sure they will run too. How successful they are will depend on the amount of snow on the ice. No snow makes it very difficult for travel. Too much snow can also make it difficult. Moose don't like the snow above their bellies and will either hold up in the forest or move to lower elevations.
Deer will also travel on lakes and ponds that are frozen.

Wolves take advantage of these wide open spaces to chase their prey, which will include the moose and deer.

Moose are browsers. Your observations are spot on.
In other words they eat while they are walking about. Moose (unless bulls during the rut) will usually only travel about 1-2 kilometers in a 24 hour period.

"The Moose Man"

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