Does a moose make a sound like an owl??

by Eric Erhier
(Ontario, Canada)

Does a Moose make a Sound like an Owl?

Does a Moose make a Sound like an Owl?

We were out hunting and got a cow and calf separated. About an hour after we started hearing a single HOO from the area where the cow was. I heard that same sound a few days later in the area where the cow was. Is that a sound a cow moose would do to communicate with her calf??

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Moose Hoot
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Eric, I can't say for sure what you heard was a cow and calf communicating, maybe the sound was actually an owl. lol

However; last moose season I too heard what I thought was an owl.

I had been calling bull moose near one of my favorite spots for bull moose. I had chosen this specific area that evening because I had had several bulls approach from that particular direction but not actually come all the way in.

I guess you could could say I was trying to ambush them or cut them off.

As the evening wore on I could hear an owl off in the distance. I remember specifically thinking the owl must be crazy or something because he just kept HOO HOOing!

I'd never heard an owl continually hoot like that!

With about 15 minutes of daylight left I became aware the HOOing was actually getting closer!!

What the??? I Thought to myself!

I pulled off my hat and cupped my hands behind my ears.

It was then I realized that what I had been hearing for the past hour or more not an owl but was actually a bull moose grunting as he approached my position.

I never did see that bull, he got close though. Then for some reason he just turned and went the other way and continued to HOO as he went.

Maybe a moose have differing voices just as we humans do.

Lesson learned... don't be too quick to dismiss the sounds of HOOing owls when moose hunting.

bull moose communication

Several years ago, a woman could cause a moose to attack, by using a simple antler movement. When the moose was charging, another simple antler movement, stopped the moose attack.
Originally she used antlers she made from cardboard. After verifying it does work, she simply used her arms, with open hands, to accomplish the same results. Truly amazing.
Do you know more about this?

Moose hooting
by: Anonymounorms

Yes I have heard a bull moose answer like an owl while hunting north of Sudbury Ontario,I was hunting with my father,but we were separated at the time he tried his best at moose calling which he had never done before.

When we got together he told me about his attempt to call and only had an owl answer.

I asked him to call again and he was a bit reluctant but did so anyways making me chuckle as he sounded like a sick cow. lol

My uncle was with us and he is an experienced caller and he gave a call and that owl hoot was heard several times and then two big long hoots that no owl would have enough wind to produce.

This went on, this calling and answering for 3 hours and we could tell he was going around a nearby lake.

When he showed up near the calling spot he had changed to grunting. A very old bull he was.

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