Eating Moose Liver

by Cathi

Sliced Moose Liver

Sliced Moose Liver

I got a Moose liver from a friend of mine yesterday. It was from a REALLY old moose. She is native and I thought what a blessing, but as soon as I googled it, it scared me to death about not eating any liver from an animal that is over 2 years old and that it can contain high amounts of cadmium and liver flukes. I am a GREAT liver cooker and lover. Can you ease my mind some? If I don't hear from you by tomorrow, I will freeze it.:)

I can get you pictures of the moose if you would like them!?

Thank you!
Cathi Martwick
Twig, MN (Northeastern Minnesota)

Liver Flukes a dead end parasite

Cathi, I would say you don't have anything to worry about.

Liver Flukes in moose are considered a dead end parasite. That is, that if infected they cannot perpetuate. Liver Fluke is found only infrequently in moose. M.W. Lancaster
If by chance you find a moose liver with liver fluke in it you would easily recognize it. The flukes are usually encapsulated in a fibrous cyst (will not cut easily) they are often calcified and contain black pasty material. (Ecology of Moose Management)
~ Mark - The Mooseman

PS: We would love to share the photo of the moose. Please use the contact us form and we can send you our email address.

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