Field Dressing

by Ray

Moose Down! Now what?

Moose Down! Now what?

I have heard there is such a thing as gutless field dressing? I have been taught by a friend of mine that you can clean a animal and leave the chest cavity in place along with the guts.

Really handy when you have to pack out an animal. Might be worth posting to your site under the game dressing and how to take care of your meat.

Can you provide some insight or information about how to go about doing this? I was told this is a good way to clean big game if you have to pack it.

Is this true or is there a better way (method) of processing your wild game to ready it for packing?

Update: A new page gutless field dressing, has been added to address the gutless method of field dressing. This is a very good way to deal with your game if you don't want to handle the guts, or if you want to pack your game.

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Gutless Field Dressing
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for your question and suggestion Ray. Yes, gutless field dressing is an alternative method to field dressing big game.
The key to any field dressing is to render your animal ready to move. Whether the end result is to drag the animal whole or to carry it on a backboard to your camp or home, you must at some point deal with the entrails.
Gutless field dressing is not exactly what the name implies, because you have to remove the guts or at least some of them in order to have access to the tenderloin (or backstrap).
I will, in the near future ad a page to this site regarding gutless field dressing. Please check back frequently as I update the site on a regular basis, by adding new and exciting content.
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