First Bull Moose With Bow

by TK

It was Thanksgiving Day 2011 in Elk Point AB around 10 AM, a friend and I were spotting and stalking when we spotted a young bull moose in a grain field. I was trying to get my first bull moose with a bow.

We went to attempt a stalk and got busted by our scent. The young moose ran for cover in the bush so we let him go.

Thought we should go back to the road we were traveling. Not 1 mile back the road there he was stood up.

I got out of truck and ranged him at 35 yards. Nocked an arrow and drew back the arrow when the arrow fell off my rest.

I thought that would be the end of the hunt when the moose went to run, my friend grunted at him to stop and he did so. I got another chance to draw my bow and let it fly.

Hit him 4 inches behind the front leg and knew i made a good shot. He ran about 50 yards stopped and spewing blood everywhere he ran again for another 50 yards where he ran into some bush.

While taking my time to go find him I could hear him cracking and breaking trees so I waited for him to lay down but didn't know he was laying down to expire.

Gave him 10 min and went to see my prize and could not believe my eyes. The bull was fully expired and I just yelled to the loudest I could, "let the rage out of it's cage". The most thrilling day of my hunting life.

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Moose Hunters Succeed on Thanksgiving Day
by: Mark - Site Owner

Nice! You are right Jim, that is very neat that both of you were successful on the same day.

Congratulations to you Jim on your monster bull. Don't forget to share your story and picture too!

Two Thanksgiving Day Bull Moose
by: Jim Davis

You sound like you were very excited about getting your first bull moose with a bow and on Thanksgiving day.

I too shot a bull moose this on Thanksgiving day at about 7:30 in the morning he turned out to be the biggest bull moose I've ever shot he's 53.5 inches wide.

I think it's neat that we both got a bull moose on the same day and a first for both of us you got your first one with a bow in Alberta and I got my first really big bull in BC. We both have something to give thanks for on Thanksgiving day this year.

Bull Moose With a Bow
by: Mark - Site Owner

TK, Congratulations on your first bull moose with a bow. That was likely a very exciting moment of your hunting career... will you ever hunt moose with a rifle again?

Funny that your arrow fell off the rest (buck fever?) anyway that is good you had another chance.

Thanks for sharing your story...

If you have a picture that you can add, that would be awesome. Just use the contact us form and I'll send you my email address.

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