First moose hunt, bull tag in Maine Zone 2.....

by Rob

Tyrone's NL Moose

Tyrone's NL Moose

Took almost 25 years but I fianlly got the tag.

I'm sure I'll be hanging around here and asking more questions but let's start off with cartridge.

I was under the impression they are not too hard to kill and although I am not recoil shy I figured I'd be fine with a .308 180 grain or a .358 200 grain. I can also use a 30.06.

Leaning towards the .358 becuse the gun is a Savage 99 and I get into the traditional aspect of it.

The .308 is a MRC I built myself, plastic stock and stainless steel, it's going to be coming no matter as the foul weather choice.

The 30.06 is a Rem. 720, another vintage gun.

Are any of these bad choices with a medium power scope?

What range should I expect to be shooting at in the Maine woods?



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Moose on the ground
by: Viscera

I, too, will be going on a Zone 2 moose hunt. The calibers coming on our hunt will be the 270, 444 Marlin and 338 Win Mag.
Of your choices, the 358 would be my pick, in my opinion, the bigger the hole the better. The M99 is a perfect platform for the caliber, too. That being said, and as Mark pointed out, hunt with what you are most comfortable and accurate.
I agree with Swamper completely. I have seen dead-on-their-feet moose travel 60 yards, take 6 hours to get it back to where it was shot, with flattening a tire and breaking an axle. Keep shooting until it is on the ground! Don't buy into the hogwash mentality of wasting meat. A pound of bloodshot meat is a small price to pay for 300 in the freezer.

Moose Gun Choice
by: Practical Swamper

It is likely your moose will be in a swamp or in a rough terrain tree cutting. Regardless you will need to winch it to your truck. I recommend if your gear only reaches 100 yards into a swamp that's your shooting range, but be prepared for 300 yards of gear because the swamps are big and all those rifles will be just perfect for that range.

Which Moose Rifle to Choose
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Those are all good moose hunting rifle choices Rob. Pick the one you practice a lot with and have confidence in.

Nothing is hard to kill with correct shot placement. And correct shot placement is key!

Hopefully someone else can shed some light on distances you'll have to shoot at in Maine.

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