What constitutes a world record?

Large antlers-massive bodies, boss of the bush? Well I have lived in n/w Ontario all my life - I am 60 years old - hunted with the same guys for 45 years and my son who joined us when he was 16 - he is now 30 -- we as a group have taken many moose seen countless -- gone lean sometimes-more often than not.

I have hunted at 75 degrees f and 35 below in waist deep snow -- and still enjoy everything about it.

A lot of hunters give it up because they say I'm too old, well it does hurt more and I cannot do what I used to do - but will never give up the sport--even when I cannot move around much.

I will stay at camp and keep the fire going and food hot, promote ethical hunting-above all sportsmanship and comradery.

I love to see moose in all seasons--I am always amazed at the toughness, determination to survive the elements, predation and man.

I have seen cows with one week old calves 20ft from my boat while we were spring fishing, bulls thrashing the bush and unfortunately many highway kills.

I can truly say to whoever reads this that each and every moose I see is a trophy--a true world record be it through a camera lens or a scope.

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World Record
by: Robbie

It appears a new world record moose "horns" was taken in the Yukon this season. By a fellow from Dawson City, Yukon who hunts to feed his family.

Can't eat the horns anyway.

I like the "Freezer Trophy" kind. Wife and I got a Yukon Alaska moose this year with 52 inch horns and it is a real treat to take some out of the freezer for a meal.

We just finished a deer hunt in Alberta. We are on our way home now. Each got a deer. Not big but had first steak last night and it is wonderful..

Good luck hunting


For the Record
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Lloyd, thank you for taking the time to write your input and share your thoughts about a world record. It is duly appreciated.

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