Freezing Moose Meat

I have a question about freezing moose meat.

How long is it safe to keep moose in the freezer?

Ideally you would want to eat it as soon as practical. Moose will keep in similar terms to beef... possibly a little shorter in time. This would be because moose meat is very lean, without the fat to protect the meat from freezer burn.

In the days before freezers, meat and many other perishable goods were stored for great periods of time completely immersed in fat. Fat insulates the meat and protects it from the breakdown process that subjecting it to extreme cold will have.

I don't think I would eat meat... any meat, frozen for more than three years. Meat frozen for this length of time will be seriously freezer burned, it will be dehydrated and will not have good flavor.

Freezer burned meat can easily be identified by looking at it. The meat will no longer be a bright red but rather will have white and brown patches, especially along the edges.

As for safety... I don't believe it would make you sick, but why eat something that tastes and looks bad?

We have answered similar questions about frozen moose meat and how long you can keep it on another page.

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May 25, 2012
Freezing moose meat
by: Dave Kelso

We vacuum pack our moose meat. Just about everything gets vacuum packed at our house.

The cost of the home or even the heavy duty vacuum packers is reasonable especially if you are like us and hunt and fish constantly. Heck I even vacuum pack our trapping bait.

We have had moose meat around in the freezer for over a year packed this way and it is still good.

May 25, 2012
Freezing Moose Meat
by: Anonymous

We double wrap our game meat with saran wrap.
Then wrap with brown butcher paper, wax side in and tape with packing tape. Not the masking tape type.

Have had meat after being in the freezer for two yrs and still like the day it went into the freezer. It is best to put a little effort into the packaging.

After all the work to get it into the freezer might as well make sure the meat stays good and no freezer burn. Buy a large roll of saran wrap, at a restaurant supply company. Way less expensive than buying rolls in a grocery store.

I buy heavy duty freezer bags there too.

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