Getting a moose out of the bush

by Colin
(Vancouver, BC)

Getting a moose out of the bush using a game cart

Getting a moose out of the bush using a game cart

Say you are hunting in the bush a few kilometers from a road and you shoot a moose and you cant use a quad or truck to drag it out, what is the most efficient way to get it out?

There are going to be a few options for getting a moose out of the bush when hunting on foot where vehicle access is restricted.

I would say the most efficient way to get a moose out of the bush would be with the use of a game cart. We have used carts on several occasions and I can assure you a game cart that is strong enough for moose can save you a lot of back breaking work.

The next method I would say is the least desirable. That is back packing. Breaking a moose down, skinning and boning in the field then loading up a pack and carrying many loads out is not fun! You will however be rewarded with some great meat.

If this is your option, well then suck it up and do the work. It's only for a day or so. Right?

A third option that can work depending on the distance and terrain is to pull your moose out with a long rope. (I don't mean by hand, although I know of guys who have hauled moose out, in one piece by hand. Crazy!)
I mean, snaking a long lope out to your moose from the nearest road or trail, and pulling with a vehicle. We have over 3000 feet of rope with us just for those occasions.

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