Grizzly Bear in Camp

by Dan
(Qualicum Beach, BC Canada)

Grizzly in Camp

Grizzly in Camp

Well here's one other story, this one about a Grizzly Bear in Camp!

This year I went moose hunting for the early season August 15th.

So anyways I had met these guy's a few years earlier from Kamloops; Stan, Dan and Randy. Dan and Randy being brothers.

So any ways after getting off the highway, I stopped to check out the trailer I was hauling, and get a couple of beer for the last two beer ride in to the end of the road.

So two thirds of the way in I stopped to talk to a gas worker working one of the gas pipe line pumping stations. After a minute he says hey what do ya got cooking in your trailer. Well I looked at him as to say smoke. Well as I looked up I seen a puff of smoke. Well I said fire and went to see what's up.

I lost everything but my bike, and you can believe there's a lot more to say but I'm not going into details. It was a mess.

So anyways I met the guys there and managed to borrow a tarp to make at tent. So August 14th I've got my camp set up. Off to bed, 4:30 rolls around and I'm lying there and I'm still sleeping but just lightly.

All of a sudden I hear snap and I woke up! I'm lying on my back on an army cot and I could hear a grizzly bear in camp... right next to my head... no more than a foot away!

So I'm almost having a fit so I thought for a second, "What do you do Danny?"

So I said to myself, "Give him a left hook to the yap", POW I hit him right on the end of the nose!

Well he never seen that coming and took off like a rocket and as I was out of bed in a flash.
You could hear him running so fast I'm sure he pooped himself.

Anyways, I never seen him again.

But when I got back to work one guy wanted to go hunting in my spot so I said okay. I gave him the spot to go in at.

When he came back from hunting he said someone had shot a big grizzly in camp.

I said, "Oh?" Well I never seen him, AND THAT'S THE ONLY GRIZZLY BEAR IN CAMP I'VE EVER SEEN IN 18 YEARS. In that area there's lots of bears, but until then I have had no problem at all with bears.

I've seen enough to give ya gray hair.

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Sniffing Grizzly
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Dan, what can I say! Wow!

You were SO lucky on that morning. Grizzly bears are nothing to fool with but I think because you caught it by surprise, you scared it off.

I recently read an article where the camper was bitten through the tent wall... that is what woke him up! Teeth sinking into his shoulder!

In that instance he was able to find his rifle and fired a round into the air... yes, through the tent ceiling. A small hole was a small price to pay, as there were already teeth marks in the wall.

The sound of the shot scared off the bear. The main difference between your bear and that guys... his was a Polar Bear!

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