by Wendi
(Saskatchewan, Canada)



I call him Guido which is Ukrainian for "grandpa". I saw him trotting across the field one day while I was combining. So a while later, I took a break and drove the truck out to the slough where I saw him go in. I called him (no bought call, just my own voice) to within about 50 yards of me but he wouldn't come out because of the truck I was shaking soooo bad!!! I guess it was good I had the truck, I wouldn't want him to come after lil' ole me!

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Great Guido
by: Steve Kane(buckee)

Wow, Guido is one of those bulls us hunters can only dream about. It's always a great thing when you can get a picture of a monster like Guido, and thanks for sharing it with us.

Awesome Moose
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for sharing Wendi. Guido looks like a great one.

I love calling moose using my voice. Every year when I get to moose country I make use of every opportunity to call. I will use my cupped hands to start with softer calls and progress to louder more aggressive calls until I get a response.

Once I get him coming in I switch between cow calls and bull grunts as I see necessary. Primarily I use cow calls, the reason being the bulls come in looking for love, not a fight. If they get hung up I'll switch to bull grunts... to offer a little competition.

As an archer I have to be careful though, an angry moose can inflict some damage.

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