Hand Guns and Moose

by Ed
(Eagle, Idaho )

Getting close to a bull moose. (Photo by Ken Leier)

Getting close to a bull moose. (Photo by Ken Leier)

I live in Idaho, am a fisherman. Always carry a 9mm Glock. 124 gr hollow points. Have a friend who encountered a bull moose last week in a river bed, he was blessed to have the bull leave him alone.

If after retreating, and I have no other option, should I shoot for the head? Can I stop a moose with head shoots? Or will I just make him madder?
Not planning to meet one, but neither was my friend.

Ed, while I would not condone or suggest you take aim at a moose with your handgun, an angry or injured moose should be considered dangerous for sure. Shooting a moose with a 9mm is sure to make matters worse.

That being said...

I read an article last year where an Alaskan fishing guide killed a grizzly bear with his 9mm to protect his clients. Like you, he said he always carried but had never had to use it.

More than likely any moose you stumble upon is going to leave you alone... in a hurry. Moose don't like to be near humans.

I'm pretty sure you will never have to draw, aim or fire towards a moose. In a self defense situation, where to aim? A head shot on a charging moose? Um, not sure I would want to attempt that one.

You would be better off to climb a tree! Stay safe out there.

~Mark - The Mooseman

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Shooting a Charging Moose
by: kapow

Never ever shoot a moose charging you! You do not need to do that.

I've been charged 6 or 7 times, one cow blow me off her front right shoulder, no problem I stayed on my feet.

The other cow missed me by 2 feet, but I did get the bull.

But cows with calf's 6 of them charged, me yelling at them stopped the charges. They remembered me after that and never charged me again after that, I felt like we were acquainted with each other.

The one cow would bring her calf into my camp to see me and say hi. No kidding that's a true story.
When there were wolves around she would stay in camp looking for help, which she got from me. They know some things that are good.

So be nice out there.

by: Anonymous

It amazes me at just how many people are quick to give their opinion on matters they themselves know nothing about lol
Listen mate; with the right ammo a 9mm is more than capable of killing any North American animal with a pulse. But like any other caliber out there, it’s all about shot placement.
Don’t take my word for it just Google 9mm grizzly kill or moose kill and you will find the answer to your questions straight from the people that found out just how effective the little 9mm truly is.
Don’t listen to people in these threads they are some of the craziest people I know of!
God Bless

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