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Feb 25, 2018
Space to transport
by: Anonymous

I remember the first words Mark said when he found the moose I had shot. Man those things (Yukon Moose) are huge. Mark took a real nice one last September with a bow. The 7 CF freezer he had I can verify was full with 1/2 of a nice Yukon Moose in there. All boned out cut wrapped frozen. I am thinking that moose from Newfoundland will be a tad smaller than an Alaska/Yukon moose but still will take some space. Best way to transport any distance is cut wrapped and frozen. Plug the freezer in at night when you stop and the meat will keep frozen during the day when you are driving. Assuming you stop overnight.
Enjoy your hunt. Make sure you have the required export papers you may require,

Feb 25, 2018
Quick reply!
by: Chuck

Hi Mark,
Thank you for the quick reply. That information helps me quite a bit!

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