How critical is it to approach a meadow from the downwind side?

by Gary

Hunting Downwind

Hunting Downwind

How critical is playing the wind??

I'm a 3rd year moose hunter from Pennsylvania. I killed a really nice bull in 2010 in Ontario.

I guess my #1 question is how critical is getting downwind of a bull before calling to him? I have tried my hardest to locate sign in the area I am hunting but the moose can literally be anywhere.

How critical is it to approach a meadow from the downwind side?

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by: dan click

Wind is a funny thing it allways goes in circles.

I at one time found a a tree stand 10 feet up so I sat in it for a while, the next thing I see is a cow moose a 100 yards away she walks down in to a lick which is about 10 feet deep and a 100 feet long.

As she was walking along in their I could see her put her nose up in the air sniffing; then she walked over to a tree and got her noise cleaned out with some fresh tree scent.

Then started sniffing again then headed staight for me in a ROUND ABOUT WAY.

She walked right up to me, as I never so much even twitched. She was with in 2 feet of me then... I slowly turn and then I jump and said BOOOOOO!

Well she crapped herself, gone for 60 feet then came right back and just stood there just checking me out.

Just too funny, but a good nose she has and I was in full camo!!

Stay on the downwind side
by: Mark - The Mooseman

I have been busted by moose on many occasions where the wind has switched and the moose has smelled me.

Dan is right, where he says moose have good hearing and they can detect the faintest noises. Moose also have very large noses and can detect human odors easily.

If you are trying to approach a moose, or are hunting an area know to contain moose, I suggest you do so from the downwind side. If moose smell humans they will usually move off long before you see them.

Try calling as you hunt or approach your hunting area. Don't try to be too quiet... remember, if you are calling you are imitating a moose. Moose do make some noise as they move, therefore you can too!

Good luck with your moose hunt!

See Moose
by: dan click

If you think for one second that being down wind is going to help I very much doubt it.
A moose will hear you long be for you see him especially if you try and sneak up to him. Your ass is grass. They have the best hearing on earth, but if your making a normal amount of noise so he can hear you coming chances are he will stick around just to see who and what you are. Unless he's had other people around their bothering him then he will leave at the first chance.

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