How do I make moose steaks?

by Melissa
(Wasilla, AK USA)

Moose Steak

Moose Steak

I just moved to Alaska 2 months ago, my husbands friend gave us a large cut of moose meat from one he had shot. There are still spots with hair and fat. What would be the best way to cut this meat and make it into some steaks?

Melissa, thanks for asking.

Without actually seeing the cut of moose meat you have it might be difficult to say for sure, but here are some general guidelines you can use.

First off, get rid of the hair! I'm not sure if you mean the hide is still attached or there just happens to be some loose hair. If it's loose hair you can likely pick it off.
If the hide is attached remove the hide as well.

I like to remove a good portion of the fat too, that will help cut down on any gamey flavor. Watch out for any dirt or debris as well. Remove these too. You want your moose steaks to be presentable, just as though you purchased them at the meat market.

With your moose meat in front of you on a cutting board, look carefully at it and determine which way the grain runs. In other words look at the individual strands of meat, you'll want to cut across the grain.

Using a sharp knife, cut your moose steaks into desired thickness.

Here's a tip if you plan to freeze any of your moose steaks.

Using a Cryovac will keep your moose meat in better condition for longer periods of time. The problem with trying to freeze fresh meat is the seal will often become contaminated with the juice from the meat and won't seal.
If you first lay your steaks on a cookie sheet (covered with parchment) and partially freeze them for an hour or two them Cryovac. Works like a charm!

If you have a picture of your moose meat that your friend gave you, please forward it. It would also be helpful to know from which part of the moose the cut came from.

I hope this is helpful.

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