How to get the hidden buck when the cow is in the pond?

by Nat

Cow Moose in Pond

Cow Moose in Pond

We get to our pond and the cow is already there eating salt but we want to call the buck. What's the best thing to do?

Well, the short answer is to call the buck (or bull as they are referred to in most circles).
So you have a salt lick set up to attract moose but don't see a bull when you get there. Do you have a camera set up in the location? Do you know for sure there is a bull moose in the area?

I've said before on other pages that patience is so very important and just because you don't see a bull moose when you arrive at any given spot doesn't mean there isn't one nearby or one that could here you if you called.

Don't worry that because you call in the presence of a cow moose that the bull wouldn't come because your voice sounds different than that of the cow in the pond.

You need to call.

You need to sound like a cow moose in estrus, one that is ready to be mated. If you call, the cow in question will likely just ignor you anyways.
Once you call, you need to wait (but keep calling every 10 - 15 minutes), then once you are sure the bull is not coming... wait longer. If you are sure there is a bull within a few miles, it might take him a few days to get there.

Be persistent. I've had bulls show up three days after I called the first time.

If this is your favorite spot, a trail camera (or several) will be of great benefit to help you determine the size and number of animals that are visiting your salt lick.

~ Mark - The Mooseman

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