Hunting Moose in Remote Areas

Find a remote spot to hunt moose!

Find a remote spot to hunt moose!

I live and hunt in the Yukon Territory, northern Canada.

Most of our hunts take place on remote waterways, many days travel by boat/canoe from our takeout point.

Field dressing any animal is still very straight forward but performed a bit differently than perhaps what hunters do down south.

We will always bring plenty of tarps to place under and over the moose to keep the meat clean and protect it from rain or snow.

The first step in the field dressing process is to take the hide completely off as we need to cool the animal as quickly as possible.

We then cut open the chest and organ cavity and tie off the anus. We remove the lungs and heart. We then cut the neck open lengthwise and free up the windpipe at the top and begin to pull downwards towards the stomach. We ensure that the anus is disconnected and the hip joint cut to open up the pelvis.

We then keep pulling the windpipe down towards the pelvis while at the same time cutting loose any connective tissue.

Eventually, as we pull the windpipe down the organs will follow out and over the bottom of the moose and onto the ground. The moose is then quartered.

To reduce the size of the cuts we may disconnect the front legs from the front quarters and the ribs will also go into a separate game bag. We have re-usable, breathable game bags. We usually try to vacate the kill site as quickly as possible so the large furry omnivores and other wildlife can move in to dine.

Once at the next camp we will clean the meat completely and put it into fresh game bags. To clean up the tarps we simple hang them off the canoe into the water and let the river clean them overnight.

When traveling the moose is placed on an elevated platform (branches or pallets) in the bottom of the boat and as the water here is very cold this assists in the cooling process.

We hang the meat each night on the edge of camp under tarp shelters to further cool in the night air which will be below freezing. We may hunt for 7-12 days like this and have more than one animal in the boat.

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field dressing
by: steve l

We do the same thing with a slight variation.
We leave the hide attached just along the spine
to keep the carcass from sliding around. Once the entrails are out we peel the front shoulders off. The next step is to finish skinning the hind quarters and sawing through the spine above the third rib. Flip the hind quarters over so that they now straddle the ribs which are still attached to the hide making a stable elevated work platform. We can then saw right down the back bone using a wedge to keep the saw from pinching. Everything stays on the hide and out of the dirt. Hope this helps.

Romote Moose Hunts by Boat
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Thanks for your insight and for sharing your method. If you can, please send us some pictures of your step by step procedure.

I'm pleased to hear that you take every precaution to ensure the quality of your meat. Not every hunter does that and unfortunately leaves a bad taste (literally) in someones mouth!

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