Insect Repellent for Hunting

by Carl

Thermacell, Off, deet, etc what is the best product you recommend to keep mosquitoes, gnats and black flies off me with minimal smell that would alarm a moose?

Are their noses as sensitive as a whitetail?


Certainly any smells that you incorporate into your hunting gear will make a difference. If you are looking to be scent free or at least having the scent reduced, the Thermacell products are a definite asset to moose hunters. They offer an Earth Scented mat for these devices.

Any of the repellents that contain deet will be effective. The higher the percentage of deet the better the repellents work for those annoying pests.

As for nose sensitivity I believe a moose has a big nose for a reason. They have smell sensitivity many time greater than our own, and will detect odors we cannot.

I think that whitetail deer will react more negatively to insect repellents than will moose, but as always as hunters we need to be aware of the smells we carry with us into the woods.

Big game hunters need to know that scent control is of utmost importance. Unless you are able to always hunt into the wind, you must do something to limit your own smells and the odors you add.

If insects are going to be a problem for you, and you must use something to control them. I would lean towards using the Thermacell products myself.

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by: goshen hunter

ThermaCELL is the answer hands down!!!
Doesn't seem to give off any odour.

It seems that the last week of September here in New Brunswick keeps getting warmer and never gets cold enough for a good frost for morning hunts during our 5 day season.

That means, when hunting over bogs and beaver ponds there isn't any shortage of mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums.

The ThermaCells work amazingly well, as bad as flies can be during late Sept.,it's nothing like spring bear hunting here in NB.

I can sit in my tree stand over my bear bait WITHOUT a headnet and with the ThermaCell sitting on the platform between my feet.

BUY ONE! It is one of those rare things that work as advertised!!

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