Lee Enfield No4

by Micah Rogers
(Minnesota, USA)

30-30 Winchester Pictured

30-30 Winchester Pictured

Seeking two bits of intel regarding using a Lee Enfield No4, MK1 for hunting both moose and elk.

First please, what is a humane effective range for this rifle? I am shooting a 150 grain vs 184 grain bullet. My goal is 300 - 350 yards given where I will be hunting for both.

Second, given I am limited in access to a range with this distance, how high do I need to be above center at 50 yards so as to be centered at the 350 yard range please.

Desperately seeking information.


Thanks for reaching out Micah!
I'm sure others will chime in with some information as well.
Personally, I think that 350 yards is probably stretching the distance a bit too far for a .303, but that said you haven't said much about your setup. Have you sportized your rifle, added a scope? What ammunition are you using (premium or bargain)?

As for sighting in your rifle, I wouldn't rely on setting a zero at only 50 yards, I would look at a 100 yard minimum distance for target shooting.

For a .303 shooting a 150gr bullet sighting at 2 3/4" high at 100 yards the results will give you a (PBR)point blank range* of about 275 yards. A heavier bullet will drop faster and the PBR will be less.

PBR is usually referred to as an imaginary 10" circle through which a bullet will pass from zero to the PBR distance. This is an estimate of the vitals area on big game animals.

~ Mark - The Mooseman

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