Legal Length of Moose Antler

by Sadie

Moose Tine Measurement

Moose Tine Measurement

How long does a immature or spike fork moose antler have to be?


Great Question Sadie!

The following excerpt is from the British Columbia Hunting Regulations.



Antlered Animal - means a member of the deer family over one year of age bearing visible bony antlers.

Buck or Bull - with reference to deer, moose, or elk means one bearing visible bony antlers.

Moose - Spike-fork Bull - means a bull moose having no more than two tines on one antler. (Includes tines on main antler and brow palms.) Does not include a calf.


The BC hunting synopsis state that a bull moose would be more than one year of age and have bony antlers showing. That means you should be able to see bone sticking above the hairline on the moose head.

Now the regulation for a tine (see the picture) measurement shows that a tine needs to be 2.54 centimeters (or 1") in height and 2.54 cm (or 1") wide measured down 2.54 cm (or 1") from the tip.

Calf moose that are 7 - 10 months of age can develop antlers that would show as minute bony projections. This moose cannot be harvested under the spike/fork regulation as it is still classified as a calf. (see picture)

I would suggest* that an antler would have to meet the tine measurement rule in order to be classified as an antler. In other words, the antler should protrude above the hairline at least 2.54 cm (or 1") and measure at least 2.54 cm (or 1") wide along the hairline.

If the antler is really small, and the moose has a short face, it is probably a calf and should be left alone to grow another year.

If in doubt, contact your local Conservation Office
or call Service BC
Vancouver 604-660-2421
Victoria 387-6121
elsewhere in BC 1-800-663-7867 to clarify.


Thanks ~ Mark

All photos are courtesy of BC Hunting and Trapping Synopsis

*(disclaimer: my interpretation only)

Comments for Legal Length of Moose Antler

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Mature or immature ???
by: Anonymous

Honestly, I have seen more dead animals in the time we implemented this horn system. WHY... Some real bright people figure we can preserve prime breaking stock by regulating which type of bull moose keys taken or harvested...

Bull.... I HAVE NEVER (in the 45 years hunting moose) seen so many dead moose as I have since the horn system.

Tick and winter kill is what I was told.. !!!!

What was wrong with the old system... Shorter season or limit number if bulls (ANYBULL)

Not all of us are trophy hunters!

Since this horn system came in, I have spent no less than 10, 000 on optics ... Why...? So I can measure the length of the tangs before I pull the trigger...

I would challenge ANYONE who created theses horn regs to get out there ... Find a moose and count AND measure the horn tangs.... With average equipment in hand..? TRY IT !!!

Fortunately, I an a patient AND complying hunter....

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