LEH Regulations

LEH Regulations

LEH Regulations

I got a group draw with my hunting buddy for MU 6-1 in northern BC. If we get a moose and I tag it, can my partner shoot an immature in another region?
Thanks, Ron

Great question Ron,

If you remember, years ago if a hunter was drawn in an LEH hunt for select species he could not hunt that species in any other season... period.

It wasn't too long ago I had wondered if they had changed those rules.

I didn't contact the wildlife branch so don't quote me on this but; I researched the regulations and the LEH regulations and I just don't see where they (the fish and wildlife branch) are enacting this regulation for moose hunting anymore.

After all they are trying to recruit hunters not chase them away.

We are permitted to harvest one moose per hunter in BC, so if your partner doesn't tag a moose during your group hunt then he should reasonably be OK to pursue an immature bull in another season and or region.
The LEH seasons are such that we don't over harvest from any one specific area or MU.

If you were to tag a moose during your shared hunt and afterwards your partner moved to a different region and was harvest a legal animal during a lawful GOS hunting season if he has a valid moose tag, that should be fine.

The Limited Entry Synopsis states:
No group member may take more than one Moose and must cease hunting in the LEH shared hunt when he or she has harvested a Moose, as the annual Moose bag limit for a hunter is one.

The hunting regulations have changed just as society has; busy and complex.

Please remember that you need a valid BC resident hunting license and the correct and valid species license in addition to your LEH draw notification on your person while hunting.

If there is any doubt, contact your local conservation office to be certain.

GOS = General Open Season

If anyone else can add to this conversation it would be gladly received.

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by: Ron

Yes hello, I too did have a LEH in AREA 6-08 for a bull moose, but was not successful. Is it OK for me to hunt in the Open Season 6-08 for bull moose in the Smithers area?

Unsuccessful Bull Moose LEH
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Hi Ron,

I remember some years back if you were drawn for an LEH hunt you could not take part in the GOS (general open season).

As far as I can tell, that rule is no longer in place. I had looked for the same ruling earlier this year but I cannot find the reference to it.

As it turned out we were successful during our LEH hunt so we don't need to go out during the GOS.

If I were you I would call the local conservation office to be sure. Let us know what you find out.

BC Conservation
3726 Alfred Ave
Smithers, BC
(250) 847-7261

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