Look out calling, calling from up high

by Carl kozak

Stay in shape to pack out moose

Stay in shape to pack out moose

Always wondered if calling from a tree stand or standing on the same ground would produce the same results?
I know the call would carry farther if the caller was elevated, but I keep thinking a bull should be better able to pin point the caller.

If on the ground the sound bounces off all the trees etc and may confuse the moose who then get frustrated and give up.

If he doesn’t pin point you then the “hang up” happens?

Secondly I keep thinking if two people are hunting together and a bull responds the shooter guy should take off fast to close the gap and the caller keeps calling and the shooter gets lucky and the bull walks by and gets an arrow off in a good target area.

Of course I am archery hunting in the rut.
What do the rest of you think on my wondering?

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Go Get Them!
by: ~Mark - The Mooseman

Carl, that certainly seems like a logical approach to me. Each circumstance has to be weighed out though, that type of move may not always work to your advantage.
As you already know, no two moose come in exactly the same way, we have to use our experience and judgement on when and where to move.

I have moved (or not) and had that work well for me, probably just as often as I have been busted and blown the stock.

Keep trying different things, your experience well grows with each success and failure. They are equally important.

Thanks for your input Carl! I always look forward to your thought provoking questions.

Calling high
by: Carl

Good response Mark, just to clear up my wondering?
If the caller was in a tree, the shooter on the ground the caller is locked in to his or her spot so the shooter should head in the direction of the approaching bull? Would this be recommended?

On big bulls

I agree with the moose man.
On a hill for instance for vision and so the call and move is good too.
Patience is key too!

Love my calling hill at km 173, eh Mooseman? The home page cover photo is a Yukon moose that was taken by my wife only by camera on one of our moose hunts. We let that little one go. Rob was here tonight. Dall sheep steak for dinner. He is going out for a few days. For caribou, sheep and goat. He's leaving moose for the fly in.

Elevated Sound gets the Moose
by: ~Mark - The Mooseman

Thanks Carl, you make a valid argument regarding getting elevated when calling moose. I think a parallel can be drawn between calling from a height of land as well as using a tree stand.
Sound will definitely carry further and clearer if the caller is elevated in either of those circumstances.
Moose do have the uncanny ability to hone in and pinpoint sound but really I'm not so sure that a bull would hang just because he can't determine an exact location. Wouldn't they be more likely to circle downwind to try to get a scent?

As for two people hunting together I can attest that the method you describe works fabulously. In 2017 my partner and I did exactly as you describe. I moved toward the direction the moose was coming from (we could tell by the thrashing and grunts) while my partner actually moved a bit further away and then called. The moose was entirely focused on the caller and stepped broadside to me at only 18 feet. The arrow did almost a complete pass through.

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