Manitoba Big Game Guide

by Dennis
(Manitoba Canada)

A 7 X 7 Elk I took with the rifle

A 7 X 7 Elk I took with the rifle

The best of the best is what I use. I'm 72 years old and am brain washed with my Swedish Carl-Gustaf 7mm-Rem-Mag and a 160 grain Speer Mag Tip bullet, 95% of the moose I took were 1 shot per animal.

The rifle is topped with a 1.6-6 Swarovski Scope. That same scope is used in South Africa to hunt dangerous game and I love it, also I load all my own ammunition.

Thanks Dennis for sharing your rifle details.

The 7mm Remington Magnum is a very popular moose cartridge and there is no doubt that a properly placed bullet will take moose down with one shot. The cartridge was introduced in 1962 and many manufactures adopted the cartridge to chamber their rifles with.
The 7mm is a member of the belted cartridge group and was derived from the .375 H&H.

~ Mark - The Mooseman

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Dropping off the antlers
by: Dennis

About dropping the antlers you're right, although I have seen animals in March with them on.

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