Marty's Moose Meat Rolls

by Ruth Stelljes
(Kelowna, BC, Canada)

I grew up on a farm and with a large family. Often there were little bits of left over meats by the end of the week, but not enough of one kind to make a meal for 7 people.

My grandma would grind all of the left over bits together, bind the mess with some gravy or eggs and use this for filling for a meat roll. I have continued the tradition of the meat roll but I use fresh ground meat, as I don't have lots of left over meat with two teen boys and their friends! Moose works very well with this recipe and what better food for taking along when hunting?!

Marty's moose meat rolls meat mixMarty's moose meat rolls dough Marty's moose meat rolls spread
Marty's moose meat rolls rolled Marty's moose meat rolls baked

Marty's Moose Meat Roll

1 lb. ground moose meat
4 slices of bacon, chopped small
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 finely chopped onion
2 teaspoons worchestersire sauce
1/2 cup barbeque sauce, or left over gravy

3 cups biscuit mix
1 cup milk (half and half,evaporated milk and water is good)

2 cups grated sharp cheese.

Brown meat and bacon on medium high heat. Add onion and cook until they are transparent. Add worchestersire and barbeque sauce (or season as you like, taco seasoning is good)and cook until mixture tightens up. Let cool until just warm.

Make biscuit dough and roll out to a 14-16 inch round, not less than 1/4 inch thick. Pour cooled meat mixture onto dough round (if not cool it will make a mess of your dough!), leaving 1 inch margin of clean dough around edges. Sprinkle cheese over mixture evenly and roll up like for cinnamon buns. Pinch ends as you roll and along side seam to seal well.

Cut 1 inch slices with a bread knife and place pieces on sprayed, foil lined cookie sheet, leaving a little space between rolls as they will grow. Top each piece with a little shredded cheese.

Good hot or cold! Sometimes I serve it with a mushroom soup gravy.

350 F 25 - 30 minutes

Makes 12-14

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Moose Meat Rolls
by: Mark - Site Owner

Well today was the day... I mad a double batch of Marty's Moose Meat Rolls. I have to say they are good, actually better than good... delicious!

I added the photo gallery, I do hope Rose approves after all I did make a mistake. If you read the recipe it calls for grated cheese to be sprinkled on the meat mixture... my bad... I forgot so I sprinkled the cheese on top. Looks and tastes just fine!

I made them with the barbeque sauce option, next time my wife is going to make a red wine reduction sauce to add and we will use gravy instead. That will be decadent! If you have never tried a red wine reduction, I suggest you do... wonderful.

Marty's Moose Meat Rolls
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for you recipe submission Ruth.
It looks good... seriously! I think your idea of serving with mushroom soup is a great idea. I can imagine dipping one of those rolls into the soup before taking a bite... yum.

My hunting partner and I always take a lunch out with us when hunting in the late fall. Often we will heat up a sandwich and a bowl of soup; I think our next trip should be with Marty's Moose Meat Rolls! Don't you?

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