Meat Hunter First

by Anonymous

Moose Roast

Moose Roast

I always shoot the first legal animal I see. It doesn't matter about size or age because you might not see another legal animal and I need the meat.

Thanks for sharing your opinion Anonymous.
I don't think you are alone either. I believe as many as 95 - 98% of hunters are the same as you.

A meat hunter first... if it happened to be a trophy or a world record well, that would be a nice bonus now wouldn't it?

Meat hunters and sustenance hunter by far take up the majority of moose hunters in Canada. Most of us (I am one too) don't have the time nor the resources to pursue trophy class animals.

In order to chase and harvest such *quality animals (moose or others) the hunter must have done considerable research and spend many hours on the ground.

Another factor that comes to play with those who are not meat hunters is they must be determined to pass up on lots of good wildlife. Possibly hunting several seasons without a harvest.

*Quality animal; in some peoples opinions only animals with huge antler growth are considered quality game to hunt and harvest.

In my opinion... antlers make poor soup!

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