Mooch the Moose

by Jill
(Hayden, Idaho)

A Young Bull Moose

A Young Bull Moose

A young bull hanging out on our property in North Idaho for the last several days.

Its February, so he is looking for handouts. He lounges by the chicken coop/run, smelling the feed and snoozes near a rock I feed a few deer at occasionally.

Fun to see up close, though we keep our distance. He is not aggressive yet. Just a yearling hanging out.

Thanks for sharing your moose pictures. It is good you are keeping your distance from this guy. Well, any moose really.

They can be aggressive, without notice too.

Although usually you'll see signs. For instance, the bull in your photos is telling you that maybe you are getting just a little to close (at least it appears that way).

You may wonder why I say that? Check out his ears. They are both laid back, similar to a cat. This is a display that moose display to each other, they know and recognize as a warning sign to "don't be pushing my buttons!"

Also, another aggression sign is the hairs on the back of their neck (noted on the two picture where the bull moose is standing). It's a little hard to tell, but I think his mane hair is standing erect. If that is the case, that too is a warning, not to get too close.

It's awesome that you are getting to spend some time observing a bull moose in the wild... OK, not so wild if it's your back yard! lol

But moose are wild and you obviously are showing respect.

Moose are beautiful, observe and enjoy!

"The Moose Man"

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