Moose and Bears

by Rookie

Moose and Bears

Moose and Bears

Thanks for all the great info.

I am a rookie going on my first moose hunt this year. I have one question if you have a minute.

What about bears?
I am thinking about walking in the bush to where I will post in the dark and it has me a little worried. I don't want to make noise to scare the moose off but I want to scare the bear, lol.

Is this something I should be thinking about?

I understand about once you harvest a moose and keeping meat and clothes away from the campsite its just the hunting part that has me thinking.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Caution Around Bears
by: Mark - The Mooseman

You bring up a good point Rookie...

How does a hunter or outdoorsman avoid bears in the dark?

As we all know bears are active during the night just as they are during the day.

My best advice is carry your bear spray if you think you might disturb a bear.

Use extreme caution when traveling at night in bear country. Grizzly bears are most active in the dawn, evening and night time hours.

I don't say these things to scare you, but you definitely need to be aware your surroundings. I have never encountered a bear while traveling in the dark, therefore I don't have any first hand advice.

You should be aware that hunters in general are particularly vulnerable to disturbing bears... day or night! We travel quietly so not to frighten our quarry and at the same time may sneak up on and surprise a bear.

Be bear aware and follow the bear safety advice. Carry and use bear spray as a deterrent.

It has been proven time and time again that spraying a bear with an effective bear spray is more effective and safer than trying to use a firearm.

tinker bell's
by: dan click the moose hunter

Well I can tell ya to wear little tinker bell's, but only in grizzly country.

So how to know if your in grizzly country, first of all you have to know the difference between grizzly poop and black bear poop. If you look really hard you'll see little tinker bell's in the poop and that would tell ya your in grizzly country.

moose hunting
by: Anonymous

I've found that making a bunch of normal noise will not scare off the moose they will stand their ground and wait for you to come into there vision unless they have had a problem with other hunters shooting at them. Then you my never see them.

Moose are very nosy, I've had them walk up to the back of my wells cargo trailer and look inside just to see what the heck all that noise is going on.

Moose are more tuned into wolf's /bears and the predators trying to sneak up on the moose, but they have hearing that's unmatchable to just about anything.

I've sat and watched moose listen to things and it's amazing just how good the hearing is and there sense of smell.

If their nose has other smell's in it they will walk up to a fir tree smell it to get ride of smell in there then snort a bit and now that their nose is cleaned out they'll start smelling the air for your scent. and they can pin point you.
I've had it happen and watch her do it

by: jim

As a previous commenter said, Moose are not afraid of natural sounds, but bears tend to spook easily (sort of like a deer). So when you walk in to your spot at dark, scrape a tree softly, snap a twig, let out a little grunt or moan (learn how first if you haven't).

Over the years that ''fear'' wears off, and you will gain confidence in the outdoors and in the dark. Not to say that you will become reckless, but it will make those walks in the dark more enjoyable.

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