Moose and Deer Interbreeding

by Billy

Moose and Deer Interbreeding?

Moose and Deer Interbreeding?

Hello I live in Onamia MN and we have spotted a moose but don't have them and I got a pic on my trail cam of a deer that looks a lot like a moose. Is it possible for them to interbreed with a white tail deer?

Hi Billy,
Thanks for the picture. I'm pretty sure that is just a deer... no moose and deer interbreeding going on there! He does have a funny looking face though doesn't he? I bet it is because he is chewing food and the camera just captured the mouth on the sideways movement.

"The Moose Man"

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Moose Deer Interbreeding
by: Anonymous

I think the difference in the number of chromosomes would prevent a X between moose and deer.
I am not a biologist;


Moose and Deer Interbreeding?
by: Steve (Buckee)

I'll have to agree with Mark the other fella. I've never heard of moose and deer interbreeding, and they have shared ranges together for a long, long time. I have however seen a few webbed deer racks like that deer in the picture, and they are pretty cool, no doubt. That deer in the picture is going to be a monster someday. Give it a couple of years, and I hope you run into him again.


Moose and Deer interbreeding
by: Dave Kelso

Moose and deer can not interbreed, first there is a severe height difference. We can not even get an Eastern male moose to breed with a Yukon female moose because of the height difference without building a ramp for the male moose.

The late Maryo Pepin (founder of Buck Expert Research Center) was successful in altering deer antler growth so that the male deer did have flat palmated antlers. His deer with this type of antler are available on a high fence preserve in Quebec.

The signature deer with moose type antlers is still used on Buck Expert packaging.

Baby Moose
by: Joe Klimcak

Ok I disagree with all of you! Maybe they can't interbreed but I live in New Milford NJ next to the Hackensack River and a wild life preserve. 2 days ago I saw on my lawn as I exited my home at dusk, what I thought was just another large doe. As I walked closer I realized that this was no ordinary deer it had a huge LIP and Large Nostrils just like a thoroughbred horse. It's nose was not pointy but had a mule or horse head nose. At first I thought it could be a mule deer, but later researched it on Google and read that mule deer are indigenous to the west and the subspecies only has large ears yet the nose is exactly as a common deer. I think that this picture is a BABY MOOSE Look at the big lips look at the blocky nose. Punch up Baby Moose on Google and you decide....I saw it with my own even had a puzzled look on it face as it looked at me in disbelief looking at me thinking "What are you doing here"...I am quite certain what I saw was a Baby Moose without the horns just like the posted photo.

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