Moose Antler Growth

by Vickie

I was told that the moose antler growth in the spring is about an inch a day. Is that true?

Thanks for the question Vickie.

Moose antler growth is formed as invisible waves. Sort of like a radio signal goes out from its source... as a curved band. Each portion of the antler growing at the same rate as the other.

Studies by Kay et al. (1981) and Goss (1983) thought that moose antler growth along these bands was indeed somewhere near the one-inch-a-day mark; their conclusions found the antler growth was about 0.8 inches per day.

However; Van Ballenberghe (1982) found after studying 50 bands over a 140 day period that each of these bands actually took closer to 48 hours... therefor the actual moose antler growth was nearer 1/2-inch-per-day or 0.4 inches.

Much more work is required to fully understand the growth and development of antlers in moose as these discrete are a lot more complex than originally thought.


"The Moose Man"

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