Moose Attractant Suggestion

by Daniel Mainville
(Mountain Ontario Canada)

Hi my name is Daniel Mainville and I hunt moose in Northern Ontario at the beginning of rifle season. My question to you is some salesmen tell me we should buy some moose attractant and make wood box and put this in our hunting territory about 1 to 2 months before we start hunting. My question is:
1 - Is this a good way to go?
2 - If yes. What should I buy and how much?
3 - How many box should we make and how big?
4 - When should I go to install these boxes?

Thank you very much for your input it is very appreciated.
Thank you again, Daniel

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Moose Attractant Suggestion
by: Mark - Site Owner

Hi Daniel,
There are many products available to attract wildlife. Supplemental feed is widely available for deer and is marketed as such, as for moose your choices are going to be limited.

One of your first and most important considerations is to find out if it is lawful to bait moose. In some area or provinces you are not permitted to place any bait, or attractants for the purpose of hunting. In other areas you may use these products but you may not hunt near them or the bait must be removed a certain period of time before you can hunt in the area.

I am not an expert when it comes to using the attractants, personally I do not use them. I would think though that any of the deer supplemental feed attractants would work for moose too! Just find out the brands that are available to your area and then ask for references.

The salesmen you refer to should know which ones are popular and who sells them. Talk to retail outlets and get some references.

I know my response is not a lot of help but I hope it is a place to start. Hopefully some other readers with experience in this area will have some input too!


Scent for Moose Hunting
by: larry mordue

Instead of making some type of box and putting some type of scent or food,I would spend my two months scouting. This what I do, find your self a lake from 2 miles long to 10 miles long or what ever. I do not hunt this lake, every lake has streams coming in or going out, they come from or go some were, my best spots are small lakes, with a 25 min walk from the main lake or by canoe. I don't go to far because you have to get out at night. I might put a canoe on the small water to go to the far end if it looks better, If you are tight, what I mean if your opening is only 100 yards wide,a spot that looks good, I put up a tree stand, but I will come down and go after them. I also hunt on the ground a lot and I do go after them if they won't come. Once you do it you will do it again. I hunt archery only for moose. As far as scent goes if I get one I drain the bladder with a syringe and I always carry a plastic bottle that doesn't leak in my side pack. I put scented rags around where I am sitting or my tree stand. Their are many ways to hunt moose, this a way to get you off the main water. Also try that moose scent in the big plastic jug, you can buy it in most sport store's. I have got rifle hunters to do this and they have been successful. I can teach you to call, use a shoulder blade, use a decoy.


by: Christopher Lepitre

Try Oak shoots ( like bamboo shoots ) plant them and they will come

How wide is a Moose's urethra?
by: Anonymous

Just curious

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